no hablo español!!!!!!

The real problem is... I cant fucking write in my mother tongue. AHHH SOFIA YOU MUST BE JOKING!!!!!! I should just give up and be like, well I cant actually write the language dearest Katarina, please do accept my apology and give me a kiss and a hug and tell me its okay not to do it.

But thats not gonna happen and I still need to write this essay in a language I can't quite write. OHHHH its going to be so bad that the examiner that corrects it is going to laugh and ask: "is this a joke?" "this sofia from sweden can't write spanish without sounding like a 7 year old".

What I really mean is, like..... I sort of just want to go to the gym all the time, crosstrain, yoga, box and alllll that and see the attractive trainers because i dont see alex enough. Hahaha joke jokes....... but seriously, lately I've been going to the gym and instagraming fittness pictures instead of doing any of the 230323923^2 essays and labs that i have to write. Ive gone to the gym 8 times in the past 10 day and then gone to bed tired and not having done any homework...... total procrastination.

okay this was a messy post

my point was:

fuck spanish, seriously.