I want to quit high-school
I want to live in my own apartment
I hate people who speak too loud
I need a cigarette box
I want to wear shorts and have tanned legs
I can't wait for flee-market season
I hate school
I wish I could stay home alone every friday/saturday/sunday with my own thoughts
I hate all my stupid and pointless classes
I want to drink coffee and eat toast while I listen to music on a gramophone
I hate people my age
I like the sun
I very commonly want to hold hands with strangers
I love smiling at bus-drivers and saying good morning
I hate how I don't drink enough tea
I want to become a university student
I wish I could speak Hungerian
I sometimes feel that my mind is not the right one for my body
I wonder if humans actually have souls
I need some cigarettes
I wish my dad wasn't so stressed out all the times
I want to live in Budapest
I think humans are probably the dumbest living organisms out there
I can't stand the smell of deodorant and sweat
I should study more
I hate studying
I act stupid sometimes for no apparent reason
I should get a better personality
I think my mother is very strange sometimes
I want stability in my life
I should stop complaining
I sometimes have the need to destroy things
I want to go to Madrid, eat "bocatas" and walk around El Prado for hours and hours
I would love to see my Grandmother and my favorite aunt again
I dislike things in people quite easily
I should drink more wine
I wish I could wake up next to someone I love again
I don't like my face
I want to hold my baby-step-brother in my arms
I want to sit outside and draw weird shit
I need to kiss a new boy
I should start reading again
I once sat on a bus filled with people and wondered why exactly I was even alive
I have to spend less money on food
I can't stop dreaming about them
I wish I lived 20 years or so ago
I hope I die before my family does
I could not live without my parents or brothers being part of my everyday life
I have been dreaming very vividly the past few nights
I love writing down things about strangers I see around
I like boys who wear hats
I miss holding hands with someone
I want to talk to intelligent adults about intelligent and amusing things
I get called pretty too often by older men
I miss my parents being together
I hate living in this country sometimes
I wish I had a normal life
I miss having a best friend
I feel alone at times
I want to walk around in the streets of Campinas again
I hate the Internet and how I could be a much better person if it didn't exist
I like mozzarella
I very much dislike people who don't know when to stop talking
I should be more creative
I need money
I want to travel to Stockholm and sit on a train for 6 hours
I am scared of growing old and becoming a boring human being
I love my brothers so amazingly much
I hate far too many people that I've never properly met before
I should learn Portuguese again
I should go to bed now

Good night x


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    1. Wooops, i really didn't mean to delete this.
      I do want to grow up. But at the same time I don't. I guess I want to do things older people are doing because I'm shit tired of what I'm living right now. I think I've been through a lot, but then again, thats really quite relative and up to people's interpretations..... I made a post last night about it, but woke up thinking that I was up far too late to be writing anything that made sense.

  2. Ai. I love the theme of this post. Gonna do this to!

    I hope you're okay, little girl.



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