hultsfred and gifs

I've been entertaining myself by making gifs, doing yoga, running and drawing. It's all going quite well, I'm starting to get the hang of detesting myself and so I do things to keep me distracted. I've also started putting up a few things here and there at my school, which is rather exciting. Maybe later on I'll show you exactly what I'm putting up.

But even if I try to distract myself, I do have moments in the day where I just wonder how things would be if nothing had changed. Would they be better? Would I be happier? Sadly the answer is: probably.

good night x

OH i forget. My friends and I are going to Hultsfredfestivalen. Munford and Sons, Justice, The xx, James Blake, The Kooks, Kasabian, Noah and the Whale, The cure and loads will be there. I can't wait for the summer.


Let me know