Oscar from Spain

His name was Oscar. He was a short 9-year-old boy, with light eyes, maybe blue or hazel, I'm not quite sure, light brown hair and olive skin.

I remember meeting him at a park that my dad used to take me to over the summer of 2006.  I don't quite remember what Oscar's personality was like but I liked him from the very beginning, or at least that's what 9-year-old me thought after playing in the park with him for a few hours.

I only met him once that summer, but to my surprise he joined my school that autumn and little me fell in love with Oscar. I think I remember lying in bed at night and thinking about him. Sweet thoughts about how we would end up married and how lovely it all would be. I cannot explain how much I liked him, maybe I even liked him so much to the point where I actually loved him, maybe this was the first time I fell in love.

On valentine's day 2007, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest when I got a card from him. I remember it  was pink and had a heart badly drawn on the cover. On the inside, there was a horrible drawing of me with a few sentences about how great I was and how much he liked me.

You can probably imagine how happy I was, so happy that as soon as I got home, I put up the card on my wall with a bunch of tape. It stood there for months and months, and for nights I would lay in bed and fall asleep thinking about him, feeling butterflies inside of me every time I opened up the card and saw "From Oscar" written in his horrible hand-writing.

Some months later I found out he liked another girl. I don't know what happened to the card.


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