Today I am sick.
Sick for the first time since around the middle of the summer.
Waking up was horrible, because I felt as if I hadn't even managed to get one hour of sleep.
The ache all over my upper body, my shoulders, my neck, my chest and the feeling of a horribly bruised back, it all came so quickly. 
That wasn't even the worst part.
The fever that wouldn't go down, reaching 38.7 or maybe even higher, I don't even remember because I was in so much pain. Being too cold and too warm at the same time, while my head felt as if it were to explode into 3 thousand different bits.
Then there was the throat. Simply swallowing my own saliva was like swallowing a hundred thousand rusty pins.
Time went by so slowly too.
I finally managed to get out of bed, half crying in pain, at around 9.30, woke up my brother and asked him to use his phone. He was still asleep so I took it and called mom, who wasn't home. 
I half-cried-half-told her that I needed her to come home and take care of me and bring me whatever could make me feel better- she told me to get in the shower to bring down my fever and told me she would be here as soon as possible.

Right now I'm feeling better, after at least 10 different pills through out the day. Except my throat, the tiny pins are still stuck to back of my mouth. Ahhhhhh the pain.

I'm gonna try to eat something and do more sudoku and miss alex helping me do them. 

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