not afraid

There are things that I don't like. And I think I'm usually quite clear with people about these things. If you know me, you probably have experienced my typical angry serious voice telling you to stop what you're doing because I dislike it.

And it's not like the things I dislike are things that everyone likes, no. It's things like someone's little annoying games and tiring rude jokes, or something someone is doing that is bothering me or distracting me from something important or that I feel that someone is being rude towards me.

I don't see how that gives someone the right to be mad or surprised at my strong "serious" attitude. If I have told you plenty of times to stop doing something that bothers me, and it is obvious that I'm not having a good time, why in the world are you acting like it's my fault when I angrily tell you off? 

Mom says I'm too good for you and that you're a little shit who doesn't know how to treat me. Mom's usually right.