She lies half naked in her big white bed. The air in the room doesn't feel so clean, it even feels a little moist. It must be because the radiator is on the warmest level- she thinks and turns it down.

The city isnt as loud as it usually is, it must be the hour of the night. She hears a couple of cars go by every other minute, instead of the constant noise that there is at any other point of the day. The strong wind is the one being noisy tonight.

She feels lonely. Something she hadn't felt in a while. When was the last time I felt like this?- she thinks.

The bleeding starts again, but luckily she manages to stop that one single drop of blood from falling onto her bed from her face as she sits up after feeling blood running down her throat.

Does that make sense? 

She still feels lonely, even after running to the bathroom shirtless, covered in blood, cleaning up her face after her nosebleed and then finally getting back into bed. And for some reason,  tonight, out of all nights, no one was talking. Or some did but then left her in her growing loneliness. I hope this feeling goes away when I wake up- she thinks.


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