converse with me

Finally bought a pair of converse after having turned to boots all year long due to the swedish weather. I donno, I was gonna buy a pair of dark grey ones but these light grey ones were perfectly lovely.

I think I need new covers, mine keep getting stained by my sudden nosebleeds.

I like, I wish, I dislike.

I like drinking water with a lemon juice in it. 
I like writing the last number on the endless sudokus that I do before I go to bed.
I like talking to him because I shouldn't be talking to him.
I like low-cut white socks that show my ancles, but my boots have made them all blue.
I like smiling sympathetically at strangers at hospitals, saying with my eyes: "Oh, I'm sorry you're in pain too".
I like not being hungry in the mornings, it makes me less grumpy.
I like looking nice with no make up on.
I like my eye-lashes.

I wish we had a bathtub at home.
I wish the books we read at school were actually fun to read.
I wish I didn't have to do all this work I am completely uninterested in doing. 
I wish you'd realize this is stupid.
I wish my room was cleaner.
I wish I could wear shorts outside and tank tops.
I wish I could go flee-marketing again.
I wish I knew exactly how I feel about all this, so that I didn't have to lie in bed and wonder where it's all going.

I dislike that awkward Swedish thing that you do.
I dislike having to clean my room.
I dislike not finding the right socks in the morning.
I dislike your unclear mind.
I dislike your blurry personality.
I dislike that you don't actually tell me things.
I dislike that you sleep too much.
I dislike that you don't seem to care sometimes.
I dislike that you're so unnecessarily shy.
I dislike how you think people care so much about what you do and don't do when they're complete strangers.
I dislike this stupid flu/whatever else it could be/ was.
I dislike school to quite a large extent.
I dislike the way my room smells.
I dislike the freezing wind that has taken over sweden.
I dislike your laziness.
I dislike your lack of punctuality. 
I dislike your coat.