My favorite person

"As I suck on the tiny last bit of my Bafucin and read your good-bye on Facebook  I realize how much my thoughts about you have changed. And how right she was, how right she is about what this has become.

I wish I had all the things I have written about you in a special folder, so I could look through it right this second and see how my words and feelings have developed over these short 8 months and 11 days, and even before that, when you were still not mine. So many sentences and emotions that you have made me write and feel, that you have made me experience and slowly change from pure lust, to wonder, to confusion, to joy, to sadness and finally love. 

Maybe I've written about this before, I am almost sure I have, but there is no harm in doing it again. This really isn't about the smell of your perfume anymore, or the perfect choice of shirts that you have, or how i absolutely love hearing you speak Swedish.  It's about more than that. It's about hearing your opinions on things you want to change, it's about the natural smell of your skin over the expensive perfume, it's about the way that I now somehow manage to sleep perfectly well next to you, maybe even better than when I'm alone- It's about loving every single bit that there is of you and finally realizing that I'm head over heels for you."

/a while ago