sista februari

I've been eating a lot of mustard, cheese and ham sandwiches. As well as cereal with a bunch of seeds and yogurt. I've also been eating at least 2 bananas a day.

I've been drinking lots of water as I stay up late, till around 2 or 3 in the morning writing math words I don't quite understand.

I've been sleeping a maximum of 5 hours per night and then coming home from school and sleeping 3 hours more.

I've been doing Metros Sudoku on the train and even as I walk, trying to finish the last numbers, while listening to my spring spotify playlist, although it's march tomorrow and this winter will last at least another month.

I still hate when people smell bad and try to cover it up with strong perfumes and cheap deodorant. Or when I have to sit behind a girl with far too much perfume.

I was at the dentist today, she told me I had brush my teeth well but that I needed to use flux and floss more often. Today I bought flux, a new tooth brush, tooth paste and dental floss for about 150 kronor.

I sold a microwave for 250 kronor to my dad last weekend. We had an extra one and money is nice to have. However, mom wasn't too happy when she found out. "They cost 500 kronor Sofia *ugh-face*".

I should go back to my lovely math assignment. I've spent so much time on it these past few days that I feel strangely close to it..............


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