2. Five seconds

(Part 1, here)

They looked at each other for not more than 5 seconds, but to Victor, those 5 seconds might as well have been eternal. It felt as if they would sit there and stare at each other until their bones started rotting. Victor had never experienced time go by so unbelievably slow. If only that moment hadn't been interrupted by the girl sitting next to him.

"Hey Victor! You've been so quiet all night! Are you okay? You look a bit stressed out! Here relax, you can have some of my drink! Isn't it delicious?" said the girl.

Victor was  slightly annoyed by her, she was a bit too loud and he didn't want any of her awful drink. When she wasn't drinking, Elin was quite a nice girl, sociable, rather smart and also good looking. But at times like this, he hardly wanted to talk to her, everything nice about her slowly disappeared as she kept on drinking. "No, thanks, I'm fine with my cider. No, Elin, it's fine, I don't want any of it" he told her. 

"What is wrong with you Vicco? You've just been sitting there all night hardly talking to anyone! You're never like this, lets get you something more to drink!" she answered annoyed. She was right though. At parties, he would always be talking to everyone about everything, almost always ending up with Erika, the girl who he had a strange benefit relationship with. No strings attached of course, she was okay with that too. "Are you sad because Erika isn't here? I mean, I don't know why you guys don't get serious, it can't be healthy that way" she said again. "No Elin, it's not because of that. I don't know, I'm just a little tired, got other things on my mind" he said. "Well I say you should take some of this with me so we get all those boring thoughts out of your head!" "Alright fine, just so you leave me alone" he said jokingly. She gave him quite a tall shot that tasted of something he recognized but couldn't quite name. It was strong, but he hadn't been drinking enough for it to affect him.

She finally left him alone and started talking to someone else. Truth is, he didn't want to embarrass himself in front of the staring stranger. He didn't want to be how he was all the other nights, wasted out of his mind, saying things that didn't make sense to people he'd never met before. It sucked though, because people liked him that way. They thought he was fun and some even looked up to him. He liked it too, but it was so repetitive, every time was just like the last time. When would it finally be different?

Maybe tonight would be different and being a little bit more responsible with his drinking would be be the right thing to do.

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