It's scary because it's starting to feel the way it did when it began the last time. It's just a ticking bomb, isn't it? It's always been there, being tossed between the two till it explodes on the one that held on to it for a little too long. It's like that for everyone isn't it?

For the old couples that die together, the first one to go leaves the other one with the lethal ticking bomb. No love is eternal.

It's like that for young divorced couples too, for young lovers, for friends, for family, for all sorts of loved ones. Love always ends, whether it's because of time, because of boredom, because of interest, because of disagreements, because of emptiness or because of death.

Theres always an end.

/s listening to video games and feeling deep on 171 to lund

Edit: No, I was wrong. It's not a ticking bomb. It's simply amazing.

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