Today I woke up at 8 in the morning by a text from my dad. He was supposed to come over at nine, but was early, so I had to get out of bed at around 35 past 8 to make scrambled eggs with ham for me and him. He was actually a little late and got here at around 10 to 9 (when he texted me he'd said he would be here at quarter to 9). He was in his typical annoying morning mood, where he talks a little too much, a little too loud and a little too annoying-ish. As you might not know, I'm not usually a morning type of person and I like the quiet and prefer to eat or get ready alone, to the exception of waking up next to Alex, because that's almost always lovely. Sadly, I never manage to get him out of bed before 12 o'clock...
Anyways, today, dad's annoying morning conversation revolved around horse meat being served in schools instead of beef, how I could be eating horse meat in my school lasagna without realising it, how he could've ended on Wikipedia (his middle-age crisis includes being obsessed about how to end up on Wikipedia before he dies) if he'd been the one to start selling the unwanted meat to underdeveloped countries after the governments noticed the problem and wanted it all gone (according to dad, some guy bought all the horse meat that farmers were throwing away and started selling it somewhere, because after-all, horse-meat-eating is perfectly healthy) and how he said "yes, the machine is really making a mess" after I had said the coffee maker was clearly spilling water everywhere and how he looked around every drawer in our kitchen looking for the coffee, not finding it and then finally asking me where it was and remembering that I had told him where it was last week.

After writing all of this I realise how ridicuolus that man can be. I quite like him though.


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