being a motherfucking artist

(all pictures from my old tumblr, aka not mine)

do i want to be a motherfucking artist?
or a motherfucking architect?
is my mother right that i cant be a motherfucking nutriologist?
maybe i should just be a motherfucking designer and eat motherfucking good food for my own sake.

maybe i should just be spontaneous and study instead of whatever motherfucking job im expecting to get after graduation.
one of the reasons for not going into uni was because i hate school and im so motherfucking tired of it.
and yes, i motherfucking hate school but because of the wrong reasons.
i motherfucking hate it because i hate the subjects.
i couldn't care less about motherfucking businesses or environmental systems.
math is okay but i hate that motherfucking chapter 4 that just doesn't get in my head.

i like languages but there's no creativity in these lessons. do they want our brains to be motherfucking rotten by the time we're 25 because we didn't get our daily dose of motherfucking creativity?

i like arts and designs and spaces and buildings, but lately i'm so motherfucking lost that i forget what i like and how much motherfucking beauty i've seen in my life and how much i could use that in the future.

i love eating nice food too, i love cooking and experiencing new motherfucking tastes. being full of clean food that doesn't make me feel like motherfucking crap and makes me feel uncomfortably full. motherfucking salad doesn't do that, motherfucking oatmeal doesn't do that, motherfucking anything that doesn't have an excessive amount of fat or sugar or horrible carbs doesn't do that.

i don't know. i do think art is more needed than food. we can survive on almost anything but art makes us feel what we think we cant feel. paintings, buildings, drawings, industrial designing, the way your living rooms been set up, photographs, tattoos, clothes, writing, reading... motherfucking art is so goddamn important and so motherfucking amazing.

all this started because as i was eating my granola i told mom i maybe wanted to be a nutriologist. she said: that's crazy you've never been into that until now. do you want to do that for the rest of your life?

motherfucking life choices are getting annoying. but well, there's no way we can avoid them. they are motherfucking life choices.

i used motherfucking a lot in this text because as i opened up blogspot i thought "do i want to be a motherfucking artist?" and then i started writing. its a very vulgar word, isn't it? i definitely don't want my mother fucked, shes my mother, she knows me best and she's probably right about me not being a nutriologist.

i should be a motherfucking artist. of any kind of course, i hope that's clear.



  1. haha this was motherfucking awesome

    1. thank you, i was a bit afraid i used the wrong word haha but i guess not, have a happy day x

  2. You should be a motherfucking writer. You have a different view of things, you can connect with the reader because at least I always wonder what I'm going to motherfucking be.

  3. why are you up so late anonymous? was it really 04.27 in the morning when your wrote that? i couldn't do it!

    ah that is one very good comment. i love to write but i've never seen it "that" way.
    thanks though im glad that you feel something when you read what i write, its nice to know im not the only one ;)

    go get some sleep now! 7-8 hours a day is great
    haha im sorry i shouldnt tell you off, im not your mom xxx

  4. I'm a night owl! ;) You never know when someone is living in the same situation as you, we live in a world with billions of people and yet we think that we are the only ones going through the motion of finding part of our future identity. But don't worry, I did get some sleep!


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