when the light is out and the words have gone let me be the one to try it on

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I finally figured out my new year's resolution which is really just a copy of what someone else did, but it just a really good idea. I have to read 50 books by the 31st of December 2012.

Sorry if i've been off this little page for a few days, i guess i just don't feel like it sometimes, just like i don't feel like snow. It's been snowing, but i absolutely hate it. I feel like it's far too late for snow and it just makes going outside so goddamned annoying.

Throughout this week: I've gone to the library to borrow books (some children's book, yes fuck you i love roald dalh) and i've had some strange mixtures for breakfast.
I've eaten pizza far too much. I've drank chai at Ariman's with a lovely guy and I've played super mario bros for far too long.

It's a saturday night and i reallllly need to get going with my 50 books. I'm still on my first one: "The year the gypsies came".

holla at ya later bro xoxoxo


  1. god i absolutely love this post. from the book choice to the photos: amazing. i love to read roald dahl books aswell, the childly inoccence of them are the best. and yes, everyone laughs when i tell them i got hit by an ambulance haha, i feel so stupid. thanks though haha xxx

    1. its great to hear im not the only one who still enjoys childrens books!

  2. I totally love the second picture! I even shared it on facebook (I correctly put the link to your blog next to it :D) and all my friends are like : ooooh that is so true! Ugly inside - people can never be pretty!

    hihi. I like your blog so much.


    1. OH YES! you dont know how happy you made me by telling me you shared the picture on facebook :) big smile on my face right noww

      thank you xx the feeling is mutual!


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