Rich $$$$$$$$

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First day back in school after the holiday.

I really don't know if I can actually stand it for another year and a half.
This place is filled with rich kids who think they know everything about everything and everyone. They think they've seen everything cause their mommys and daddys take them on holidays all around the world.

I want to know people who will actually blow me away with their amazing life experiences and stories. I want to hear how tough they've had it. How much pain they've been through, but how they still manage to stand strong.
Are you one of them?

adeu x


  1. yeah, actually. I am.

    1. In that case, I really wish I knew who you were. I don't know if I know you in real life or not, but if I do, maybe you're one of the exceptions. There are quite a few people that I know that I love asking questions to and hearing all their amazing responses.


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