What did I expect

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Why won't this feeling go away? All I do is pretend I'm happy but in reality everything's so shit.

I hate school
I hate my body
I hate my hair
I hate my skin
I hate this country
I hate food
I hate waking up again
I hate christmas
I hate parties
I hate mirrors
I hate people
I hate the weather
I hate everything
I hate myself

Why isn't it getting better? I keep waiting but nothing's changing, I'm not changing.


  1. I hate to read this.

    May be you should go talk to somebody? I don't mean it rude, but it really helped me out.

  2. Girl, don't hate your body. U'r body's so hot (I'd tap that!)

  3. Hey, everybody goes through this. Damn, I feel like this everyday, and I understand you!
    We are all beautiful inside, just in very different ways. Learn to love what surrounds you, and that will lead to loving yourself. See beauty for what it is!
    Cheer up, mon cher!


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