No, we don't dream anymore

Is everything getting worse? I feel alone, empty, lost and depressed. 

I feel as if there's nothing to look forward to in life.
That everything and everyone is the same and it will always be like that.
There's nothing new, nothing interesting, nothing worth doing, there's just simply nothing.

I honestly feel like crying all the time. I hate this, please, please make it go away. I just want to be happy again.


  1. i know EXACTLY how you're feeling. i also think 'why do we live? what is your 'goal'? and what is happiness?' these are the questions i ask myself a lot of the time, when life is feeling boring, and i have nothing to look forward to. honestly, i have no idea how to get over this, so i can't give you advice, but i hope you'll take comfort in the fact your not the only one.

  2. Why are we not better friends? We're like the same person


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