keep your head up, keep your heart strong

Lying in bed listening to Ben Howard (link to spotify here) and feeling like this will be a good day too.

Yesterday, I spent the day in Göteborg with one of my brothers and Dad. It was just so wonderful and I wish we could go on little adventures every weekend. We drank coffees and checked out Göteborg's Museum of Art.

I met a couple of friends in Lund and we drank champagne, smoked cigarettes and laughed. I walked in high heels and my feet are killing me now, but it was worth the fun. 

Today, I will lay in bed a little longer, take a long hot shower, eat lunch with my mom and brothers, read and have pizza with friends later tonight.

(I'll also put up the pictures from yesterday's trip to Göteborg when my brother gets here)
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ciao ciao x

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  1. gah i love ben howard!
    I think you should definately see them, I've watched some of their live videos on youtube but they sound soo much better!


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