productivity is overrated

I miss greece and taking pictures of my feet touching the sea. I remember the sea was extreamly alive that day. There were red flags everywhere, telling people to not go into the water. I personally thought it was absolutely fantastic. And the sound it made, ahhhhhhhhhh how I miss it.

Spent at least an hour sitting in my kitchen eating some bread and drinking awful coffee. Have I told you I can't make coffee? Never turns out tasty for some weird reason. Its either too strong or it doesn't quite taste of anything.

I don't know what to write as usual but I'm writing anyways because I have a lot to do and I promised myself  I would start after I finish this and take a shower.

Stupid school work, ruining my holiday.

I hope you all have a wonderful day x

ended up procrastinating and changing the layout entirely. hope it isn't too terrible.


  1. i like the new lay out. it's like ... poetry.

    1. hehe yeah now that you say so, it does seem a bit like it. thanks xx


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