here is to a good summer andddddd its gone

Winter food
Funny how I used to write about you some months back. It was still cold then.
Winter clothes and longer hair
Picasso my love
It was all about you, just a summer ago.
Parrots and a hultsfred hand
Scribbles about unreal people
I feel awful right now.
I look awful too. Everything's a mess and I've and an awful day. Awful awful awful.

I hate the summer because it feels unproductive. I won't get anything done and I have no control over anything.

Is there even a point on trying? I'm messy, I've lost things and I can't get my shit together.
I don't even know what to say, I just have this awful feeling inside of me. I'm desperate for all of this to be over and to be back in school already. I just hope I get things done by then.

God im crazy and i hate everything at times like this.
i hate to say this but last summer was so perfect. why cant it be like it was then why why why?

whatever im going to listen to the xx and pretend to be happy
+clean my room


  1. You wrote this a few days ago. I sure hope you are feeling better now. I've been there a couple of times. If you still feel bad, try not to isolate yourself. See friends. Spend time with your family. Try to find something that lifts you up, or at least lets you ventilate your feelings - music, art or whatever. I wish you the best!


    1. You really dont know how much I appreciate this. you're absolutely wonderful. I dont usually write here to get responses (and i usually dont) but thank you, i really appreciate the fact that you wrote to me.
      I'm feeling a little better now, I spent time with friends and family and it did make me feel better. Although it is difficult to stop the ugly thoughts from getting into my head, i'll try a little harder next time.

      ahhhhhhhhh i really can't get over how lovely it was of you to take your time and write. i wish you the best too! lots and lots of love to you x


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