agia marina

Things I like nowadays:

Spending time with alex.
Listening to bon iver.
Taking pictures of rainbows.
Biting my nails.
Washing my face.
Collecting books with pictures of nice things in them.
Buying white clothes.
Listening to alex talk about politics and history.
Staring at his green eyes.
Color-coding my clothes on my clothes rack.
Chocolate milk.
Not craving cigarettes.
Holding my dad's other kid.
Thinking of my dad's lovely radio-like voice.
Thinking of my mom's caring face and laugh.
The way you smell with your perfect perfume.
Thinking how now that smell is mine.
White wine.

Things I dislike nowadays:

Mom's attitude towards me.
Feeling sad because I'm listening to bon iver.
Only being able to write when I'm a little sad.
This list.
Other people's blogs.
15 year olds with pictures of them smoking on instagram.
My mom's looks at me last night.
Not being able to sleep.
Too little sleep.
School work which I haven't started.
How I still think about him at times.
Jeanjackets with jeans.
Eating unhealthy food and then feeling bad about it.
This stupid cold.
Red wine.
His "i-always-need-to-be-nice" attitude that makes him seem so fake.
The way mom didn't look at me in the eyes today.
People who are rude online.
Being a little bitch and not doing anything about it.
Being obnoxious.
Not reading enough books.

good night xx