most fridays i forget it's friday

I feel like nowadays I only post pictures of food, which I can guess makes me seem obsessed. But really, I have lots of time to find new recipes or get creative and cook nice food, so I do and if I like the way it looks I snap a quick picture and then devour it. This I just ate: Kale "chips", topped with red quinoa and black roasted sesame seeds. And a green smoothie which was quite ok, but didn't really have a nice color....... quite mustard-greenish. The glass is right next to me, and because of the slightly off-putting color I guess I won't be mixing strawberries, carrots, oranges, cucumber, lemon and kale all together again.

I certainly do not think people should be eating fresh strawberries in the winter/out of season (technically spring started yesterday..........) but a small packet cost 10kr at ICA. And ooooooh my yesterday's breakfast was not only so beautiful but also so so so tasty: almond oatmeal topped with banana, gojiberries, peanut butter, coconut chips and fresh strawberries. Such a winner! And vegan!

Kiss kiss