I am objectified.
I am seen as less important.
My opinions are repressed.
I receive a lower salary.
I am raped.
I am portrayed as dumb.
I must take care of the kids.
I can't show my face.
I can't marry who I want.
I cannot go out alone.
I feel unsafe.
I am given uncomfortably sexual comments.
I am killed.
I am sold.
I am forced into prostitution.
My body sells.
I am supposed to cook.
I should clean for you.
I am not supposed to have a job.
I am a house wife.
I never feel completely free.
I supposedly can't drive.
I am meant to be quiet.
I am married away young.
My hair cannot show.
It is my fault because my clothes were provoking.
I am beaten.
I "wanted" it.
I am a woman.