I was going to start writing by saying how it is disappointing that I cannot fall asleep sometimes. I mean, I really do love waking up early, having the whole day ahead of me, feeling like it has indeed been a long day when the day ends; all of this made difficult if only a few hours of sleep are actually had.

But then I thought, no.

Being a little tired and feeling a little shit tomorrow is not the hardest thing I'll ever do. 
I also think that instead of laying in bed, thinking nonsense and whatnot I shall get up and "force" myself to write. Which hasn't actually been so terrible. Quite nice actually.

I went out for a run today.
It was very much enjoyable; even if the body hurts, the mind is having such a blast. Ahhh, the endorphin afterwards is almost like being joyfully drunk and in love and at an amazing concert and just everything else nice at the same time.

I don't know if any of this made sense.