That feeling that her songs always spark in me.
The same old strange feeling of my chest being wide wide open.
Not to be confused with a lonely feeling or an empty one.
It's different, definitely different.
Unexplainable might be the right word. Is that even a word?
The word-check says it isn't.

"Whatever", you say.
Whatever what?
Why are people always looking for concrete answers,
when they know that nothing that will ever come out of an individuals lips
will ever be as concrete as the thoughts they think and that these thoughts will never be
explained the right way, no matter how hard one might try?

"Give up", I should say.
"The closest you will ever get to knowing anything about me, anything at all, is to try to read between the lines ("which is not very far, by the way"),
but will you ever feel the pain that I feel as I write? What pain? Oh, the pain in my hand mostly,
But the pain of really not being able to explain what I really feel too".... "Of course you won't, you never will".

Nothing makes sense nowadays, and "being" one year older really will not help. Thank you very much.

Being older and being wiser do not go hand in hand. The older I get, the more confused I am about everything and everyone. "Well done"- I say to myself.