It's been a while.

But it's technically a good habit and I think I should get back to it before it's too late.
I will thank my future self.

I've been in Berkeley for officially two weeks today. I can finally spell Berkeley correctly, instead of Berkly, or Berkley, because honestly the actual spelling makes zero sense.

I'm sitting in the dinning room of our nice wooden house in the hills of Berkeley. Little Ellen is watching sponge bob on her ipad while Sac sits close to her and kisses her softly on her cheeks. "Min pappa" she says, and leans her head against his chest.

Time for bed. "God natt Pappa!" she says. Now she's ran off to Jenny who is cleaning up in the kitchen. Or actually no, she was just hiding behind this big brown mocca sofa.

 All is good. I like it here, it was a good idea.


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