un año mas

I've been a little down every now and then this past week. Honestly though, I think it's because I'm getting my period sometime soon *thanks hormones*. Otherwise, things are very good here. I'm quite happy with my days; perhaps that's why they're all going by so unbelievably fast.

I'm 19 in just two weeks. I think this 18th year has been surprisingly (don't you dare jinx it now sofia) great. This summer was perfect. I somehow managed to travel quite a bit: Manchester in March; Barcelona in May; Madrid in July; Prague, Budapest and Amsterdam in August; these few months now in California; and a little later in November I will be in Mexico. And I've really liked it.

I've managed to come so much closer to myself than I ever thought I would. 
No need for self destructive thoughts, no need for pointless anxiety, no need to hold grudges against people that love you, no need to regret things you can't change.
I feel so much better; truly better. 

(still working on it)


p.s. I am so grateful to have this life I live

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