S i c k

Sick of the same fucking thoughts.
Sick of those ridiculous facebook videos of people drinking beer like it's somehow the most entertaining thing ever, although most are underage and are possibly promoting younger kids to drink.
Sick of this cough.
Sick of something I knew I would write and forgot.
Sick of this upper-back pain.
Sick of my boots.
Sick of not having clean clothes.
Sick of  well...

...not that much actually.

I honestly sat here for a second and thought: "well, actually, I'm not that sick of that many things."
My days are usually very nice. Such a peaceful life I live. It's ridiculous. But not as ridiculous as those bloody beer drinking videos, legit counted over 10 of them on my current news feed. I should delete facebook. Its only useful one tenth of the times, really.

(Definitely not sick of bananas)
(Love bananas)