twenty-ninth of november of two-thousand and thirteen

Quarter to twelve in the morning. 

I sit a little uncomfortably on our three-man white sofa, in my beloved apartment in relatively central Malmö. I've had breakfast -granola with my favorite banana yogurt- and a cup of coffee with two (or was it one?) gingerbread cookies. Strangely enough it feels like it was forever ago, but I ate a little before eleven.

Alex sits to my right, on the smaller white sofa. He's playing Coldplay - "...Lights wills guide you home, and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you" as he bites his nails and stares at something into his own laptop.

Pepe and Malin are in my room, possibly half awake half asleep. I've heard them click the snooze button at least three times already. Malin's alarm is the sound of birds singing, and I first heard it from mom's room this morning -where I slept tonight-, thinking "Birds singing in central Malmö? That's the first time I hear them since we moved here a year ago!". And so while I was in the kitchen making breakfast I heard them again, realizing  it was an alarm, and sadly, not real birds. And now I hear it again. Definitely not birds. 

I think they're finally getting up. Last night they said they wanted to leave for a day trip to Copenhagen at twelve. But it's twelve now and they're both still in bed. Now I hear a few voices; Pepe's typical I-just-woke-up-ugh-I-wanna-stay-in-bed voice and a few quite words from Malin.

"Or am I part of the disease.....?"

Now I hear drilling noises coming from upstairs. I think they're fixing the apartment on the 6th floor that caught on fire during the summer. The sound is so awful but I think today is the last day they'll drill and finally stop making that awful sound that rings everywhere in our apartment.

There's a siren in the background.

More Coldplay songs; this one I've heard before, but can't quite remember it.

Pepe just came into the room, in his dirty looking grey tank, kneeling down by the TV to charge his phone. Malin peeked in and said good morning, with her long and gorgeous ginger hair everywhere, still in her cute red checkered pajamas. 

I should probably mention the weather: it's grey. But I don't mind. The day still seems perfect.

This is my present moment.