green energy

the days seem so monotone that i don't know what to write about.
this of course does not mean that i do not like these days, that begin with me trying to get out of bed by 8 o'clock to fix my sleeping schedule before exams, even if i start at 11 that day.
then i eat a healthy breakfast, because i cant just keep eating that LIDL granola that has 400 calories per serving even if it's really tasty. i mean, you want to fit into a nice prom dress without looking like a whale pregnant with tripplets, right sofia? drop the tasty LIDL granola. anyways..
then there's school and the boring lessons with teachers that no longer care if you learn the last bits of information before exams, or are really stressed out because every single student in the class seems to be a complete retard.
then there's the nice moments in school where we talk about prom, and our planned trip to spain, and our dresses, and the truck and just about how amazing it will all be so unbelievably soon.
school finishes and i come home, put my hair in a bun, put my yoga pants on and eat a snack while watching some crappy 4o'clock swedish tv show.
i usually go and sleep for an hour and then get up to eat dinner, then i study till its bed time (or not and go to bed thinking "wtf sofia its 20 days till exams, get your shit togetheeeeeeeeeeeer").

its quite nice isn't it?


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