death in a tube

so im thinking i should probably write something on here,
before i lose all the little readers that i have.

so im thinking that i should not have put handcream on my dry dry hands,
now they sting and im having some sort of reaction to the handcream.

so im thinking i really miss him,
mom is a real bitch because she didnt let me sneak out and sleep at his place instead.

so im thinking whether i will actually manage to stay off facebook this time,
i've deactivated it like 5 times before and i dont last more than one week.

so im thinking my hands are still stinging,
now i have red dots on them.

so im thinking exams are in 30 days and shit is going down,
and then we'll be in spain and i'll get a tan and life will just be so much better.

so im thinking i really really miss him,
and yes, mom you're mean, i could be petting old ella right now in his big cold house.

so im thinking i should make some tea, move my desk to where i can actually sit
and start studying again.

so im thinking, where the hell did we buy that handcream?
it was death in a tube.

puss hej

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