what to even say.

it feels funny and strange writing these words.

i suppose the biggest change since i last wrote is that i now live in edinburgh and im finally studying and i love it with all my heart, and it makes me so happy.

i love my room and the messy kitchen i share with 11 other people.

i love walking to the studios early every morning and staying there past dinner time, hurrying home because im starving.

i love not having to go far to get anywhere, because i have everything i love and need so close by.

i love listening to music while i draw for hours, all uni work.

i am also really starting to fall for him and its scary.

ive been here in malmö since the 14th and im finally going home, home to edindburgh, on the morning of the 31st.

applying to uni and accepting my offer has probably been the best decision ive made in my life so far.

i am so so so happy.


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