This is their reality but I'm no longer sure it's mine, too.

Monday. Woke up. Feeling better after having caught a cold earlier last week. It rained nonstop for two whole days and it was all people talked about. It wasn't pouring, it was just normal rain. Back in Sweden it would've been normal to walk outside. Here, the rain took over every side walk and it was impossible to walk without getting your little feet completely and absolutely wet. I made the mistake of wanting to walk to the bank. I regretted it after just a few blocks; from then and on I've only moved around by taxi. 
It's strange being here. Somehow it feels as if time goes by, yet most things stay the same exact way. You only notice the difference by the fact that suddenly there's a new generation running around in abuelita's garden; the same garden my brothers and I played in just over 10 years ago. Some have lost a lot of weight, some look great and some look sad and depressed. I feel that our lives back home in Sweden are nowhere as monotone as what it seems to be like here. But maybe my life too is monotone, just in a different way? 

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