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It's a little late on this very monday night and I write this in bed, almost ready to sleep.

I'm taking a test in swedish in about 4 weeks and I'm trying to listen to and read as much swedish as I can to make sure I pass it. And so tonight I watched a few short documentaries about autism and other disablities on UR but then stumbled upon a few short films on SVTplay (and since we actually pay radiotjänsten I guess I can share it here and talk about how we actually pay AND watch things on SVT and SVTplay). Some of them were a little strange to watch at times, but even the strangest are funny in a constructive way and discuss, through film, things/issues/experiences people never really talk about or discuss.

Therefore I recommend

"Ta av mig"



and even


All three are short films and under 15 minutes. And well yes, viewer discretion is advised as they say. These videos do contain sexual content, but are, in my opinion, worth seeing. And after-all, why must we be/why are we so afraid of our own sexuality?

Sleep tight