The day's words

I liked this selfies because I look somehow tan.
Which is something I am not.
It's like -5 outside guys.

Today I woke up at almost 12 o'clock.
And I don't think I did much other than eat breakfast and stare
mindlessly at this computer screen.

Mom came home and asked if I wanted to go see hockey.
And I mean hockey is pretty damn sexy so I went.

I cooked dinner.
Here I am.

Tomorrow I'm changing my life.
Maybe, probably not.
Mondays make me feel that way.
It's a strange feeling really.

Oh I'm also broke and my phone doesn't quite work.
And dad probably won't get me a new one.
I think dad's aren't just supposed to buy phones,
as helpful as that may be.

Jazz is nice, I need to ask someone to send me songs.
And I need to read like two plays tomorrow.