irrelevant pensamientos

Thoughts today:

"I wish this hadn't happened because I miss you and I'm sadly a little jealous".

"Jeeeeesus woman-on-the-bus-who-speaks-spanish-with-another-woman (who does not know I also speak spanish), could you not get more sexist against yourself? Stupid latinoamerican societies".

"I can't stand the way I am sometimes".

"The roof across this window is getting whiter by the hour, as it keeps snowing and snowing".

"Someone should take care of all the ice on the school-yard".

"Her laugh".

"I should look at shoes instead of writing my cas reflections". "What is the point of this?".

"I like his perfume".

"I wonder how he feels after all she's done to him, I wonder how alike we are".

"His voice is so lovely. But he's giving out all his personal information to all the people sitting around him on this train. I mean, now I know that his son has not received a pair of Jordan basketball shoes. And its been 6 weeks. And his name is Ulf. And his son is at school. And his son has an important basketball match tonight. And he bought the shoes at eastbay. And they costed 120 US dollars. And yes, the shipping is international. And yes, Ulf has bought things at eastbay before. Silly Ulf".

"I do not need a cigarette".

"This woman must think I'm following her".

"I miss alex too".

"Why are shoes so expensive?".

"Fuck its 5 to midnight................".